Combat negative thoughts. Find trustworthy anxiety and depression help for JW friends

Learn How to Makeover Your Mood

with The Mood Makeover Method ®

This method helps you take control and confront an undesirable mood at different levels – chemistry, negative thoughts, unhealthy habits and troubles feeling gratitude.

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Kick-start your recovery!

Anxiety and Depression Help for JW friends

Hello Friends!

I’m Renee Hughes, Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant and Your Guide to the best mood EVER!

If you feel alone even when surrounded by people, irritated and can’t remember why or empty even though you “should” be happy, you’ve landed in the right place!

The Mood Makeover Method combines plant chemistry with breath, body work and talk coaching to help you rewire your brain and mood in a safe way.

How does it work?

  • We teach you how to properly use essential oils to interact with the part of your brain that signals your mood
  • Breathwork to help reset your central nervous system and begin to bring in balance
  • Aroma tapping to easily help you release negative thought loops and painful past without re-injuring your mind and heart (think of it like acupressure)
  • Talk coaching to help adjust perceptions and habits that are currently damaging your relationships and self worth

You’ll learn and practice techniques and develop thought patterns that make you feel whole, safe and loved.

In this incredible 6 month Mood Makeover Method Group Program*, Renèe and The Aromaspecialists coaches guide you through the steps of our life changing method and help you create new habits, new ways of thinking and the mood you’ve always dreamed of having.

These sessions are a safe and productive place to learn, grow and heal emotionally without ever having to reveal anything deeply personal unless you desire.

As a bonus, our assistant coaches will guide you through managing hormonal health and cognitive challenges like a lack of focus and nervous energy.

You’ll also get the 7 Day Cleanse with is a deep dive of The Mood Makeover Method and the ideal way to start the program. After the cleanse your method will only take 15 min a day!

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What the Program Includes: