Why The Move?

Why a couple of nature lovers moved from their lives in Australia to the built up, busy city of Athens.


Galaktoboureko. Gyros. (pronounced yeeros for the aussies)

No I’m not swearing at you, that’s just some of the delicious food we get to enjoy over here. But it’s not the (only) reason for the move.

We wanted to live abroad to help displaced people.

After 6 years of trying our best to be patient and a lot of planning, we finally saw an opening in our circumstances to take the leap of faith.

So we sold most of our belongings, said tearful goodbyes to everyone we love (including my furbaby who I so dearly miss) and moved to Athens Greece to volunteer and help English speaking refugees live a happier life. Our hearts are open to doing it in other places too.  But for now, Greece feels like home and we are absolutely LOVING what we’re doing!

Working online with limited work is a challenge in itself. 

Add to that living in a built up, noisy city (when you’re not used to it) with a busy schedule and no car, it can be hard at times for anxious, nature lovers like us to get enough chill space and beneficial relaxation. A challenge we’d overlooked until realised. 

I knew I loved nature, but I didn’t realise just how much I needed it to properly relax and find calm from my anxieties.. 

Suddenly the buildings felt suffocating, like obstacles between me and my beloved ocean which I learnt was surprisingly within reach. 

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our life here in Greece! And there are so many things we have or know now that are making the transition sweeter. I mean, Athens is actually a really cool and unique city. There ARE lots of natural pockets to explore within reach and the Athens coastline is so close. And don’t get me started on the Islands! 

These are just some challenges we experienced in transitioning from my usual mental health management techniques.

That’s where wandr. came into it.

Mickey saw the need for me to have a tool to help escape the stresses of city life anywhere, anytime and aid in relaxation and calming the mind from anxiety and panic – something I used to do in my garden back home or a quick trip to the waterfront. 

He also has a love of figuring things out and creating awesome stuff so learning to build an app for the very first time just made sense to him. (Where it would be super overwhelming for someone like me.)

Once we knew it worked so well for me, we thought there would have to be others out there who could benefit from it too. We already knew so many in our friends and family.

After hundreds of hours of designing, brainstorming, disagreeing, researching and re-building from scratch after a computer death it all came together. Due to multiple covid lockdowns we had the time to focus.

It’s been our aim to make the best version of Wandr. available to the best of our abilities, so it can help people like you. (Update coming soon with new shoppable features!) I’m guessing you can relate to my story in some way?

Feel free to follow us on insta at @wandr.anxietyreliefapp for tips on stress, anxiety & panic relief as well as calming moments of nature inspired relaxation – and travel pics! 

Please know, we appreciate your support in using the app and going premium so very, very much. It helps us pay our bills. If we could go on about this we would but I’ve already babbled for too long. So THANK YOU will have to do for now.

Mickey + Ange